Our custom-built rig is more commonly known as “The Beast”. Specially designed in the UK, it arrived safely to the Wild Wild West of Ireland in June 2018. There are a couple of things about The Beast which makes it special we would like you to know.

Brisket Boss; The Rig


Firstly, it was designed specifically to smoke meat just the way we want it, the way we trained to know how it should taste. This means the reverse flow smoker results in the most delectable taste when used by our trained pit smoker. How often do you eat something that has been cooked using equipment custom made for it to cook what you are eating? The results speak for themselves. It’s a whole other level.

Not only that, it has also been created in a hugely versatile way fully equipped with a large smoking chamber and charcoal grill that allows for guests to view the cooking process.

Finally, the visual. It’s big but rest assured that this classically designed monster is eye-catching for all the right reasons and adds a quirky but sophisticated décor to any event.