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the rig

Our reverse flow offest barbecue trailer was custom built to order in the UK. "The Beast" is seriously eye catching and has a cool yet smart and sophisticated look that will create a unique experience for your guests. The versatile setup complete with a large smoking chamber and charcoal grill lets people witness the cooking process. 

The rig was constructed in 2018 and made its maiden voyage to the West coast of Ireland in June 2018. 

A reverse flow smoker is a unique tool designed to create incredibly delicious smoked meats. The design allows for an even temperature distribution, protecting the meat from intense heat whilst allowing the smoke to flow under and then back over the meat. 

The meat and smoke are created in an offset firebox which filters into the cooking chamber and rises through it slowly cooking the meat and infusing it with the smokey flavour from the smoldering wood.


Olive Smoked

We use two-year sun dried Olive wood that is sustainably sourced and is a renewable fuel. Olive wood has a unique and gentle scent which creates a light aromatic smoke flavour that is punchy enough for red meats like beef brisket without being too overpowering for fish or poultry.

Our charcoal is made from 100% natural Quebracho Blanco wood which is harvested from a sustainable source. This charcoal burns hotter and longer than any other charcoal  whist producing very little smoke and ash. 

We ensure only the top quality fuels are used in the cooking process allowing for hours of clean, low smoke cooking.