The Big Beef Brisket

This is why we do what we do. Try our dry rubbed beef brisket which has been slow smoked for 14 hours over dried olive and apple wood in our special home blend of spices. Thinly sliced, it can be served as part of a barbecue platter or in a brioche bun with your choice of homemade pickles, jalapenos, cheddar cheese and smoked caramelised onions. We recommend creamy and zesty Alabama white BBQ sauce but whatever you choose, we can guarantee it will melt in your mouth. It really is the boss.

Brisket Boss Menu - The Big Beef Brisket

Perfect Pulled Pork

We created a special rub for this pork shoulder which is slow smoked for 8 hours over dried apple and olive wood. Then it’s time to put the ‘pulled’ into ‘pulled pork’ and toss it in our signature Brisket Boss BBQ sauce. Served with smoked caramelised onions and homemade pickles.

Brisket Boss Menu - Perfect Pulled Pork

The Best BBQ Ribs

Fall off the bone pork belly ribs which are coated in house rub then slow smoked for 6 hours before being glazed with our signature BBQ sauce to finish. They speak for themselves.

Brisket Boss Menu - The Best BBQ Ribs

Smokey Mac and Cheese

Sticking with our American style influences, try our four cheese smokey Mac. Prepared using a blend of Gouda, parmesan, cheddar and cream cheese, then we smoke it to give it, it’s unique flavour. It’s super indulgent.

Brisket Boss Menu - Smokey Mac and Cheese


Baked Potato - Corn on the Cob - Homemade Slaw Creamy Mac and Cheese - Burnt Ends Baked Beans


Brisket Boss Signature Sauce - Smooth and Creamy Alabama Style Sauce - Carolina Style Vinegar Based Sauce – Smooth Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Brisket Boss Menu - Sides