Experienced chef Liam and his wife Deirdre are on a mission to bring the taste of Texas to Ireland. Wildly passionate about smoked meats, the brave couple set about learning everything that needed to bring the delicacies of brisket back to the wild of Galway.

So, what sparked the great interest in brisket? Well, do you remember the last time you ate something truly delicious that you’re still thinking about? The type of dish that you are still reminiscing about years later as if you only ate it yesterday? This creative couple can. It was over a decade ago at a festival in Denmark when they happened upon a smoked meat stand. Little did they know at the time, it would be the inspiration that would fuel their very own venture in the future. Fast forward to many years later over a glass of wine at the weekend, the quirky couple decided to embark on their biggest venture yet; bringing brisket to Ireland. Where better to learn about Texan style BBQ than at the home of it all, so the Renmore based pair kicked things off in Houston, Texas. There, they studied the process in great detail as well as tasting their way through the state. On their return fully equipped with all the knowledge, they set about getting their specially designed rig made in Essex so they could cook their incredible menu just the way they want it. They say the best things in life take time and the same sentiment can be applied to Brisket Boss’s food. From smoking the meats and homemade rubs to the spices and how it’s presented, this family business is passionate about bringing the very best in brisket to their customers. That’s why each dish has a lengthy process such as the brisket being cooked for 14 hours, pork for 8 and ribs for 6 in total. Clearly, there is a lot of TLC put into this food before it gets to their customer's plate.

If you ask to them about it, they light up talking about the process; what the colour the smoke should be, the kind of wood that’s best to use and what flavours go best together. These are the signs of experts in their field, it can be tasted in their exquisite food and it’s clear they truly adore what they do:

I love every element about it. It’s been so much fun from not knowing anything to where we are now; the creation of it, the meat and getting it right. We had to trial everything to get it right, so much time and care goes into it. I love everything from coming up with menus to meeting customers. It’s a lot of fun and we just love what we do.
Deirdre, Brisket Boss.