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about us

Brisket Boss is a family owned business which was started in 2018 by husband and wife team. Liam and Dee live in Galway City with their three children. Liam is a fully qualified chef with over 17 years experience in the catering industry. Dee is a Medical Scientist working for the HSE.


The idea for Brisket Boss first came to be over ten years ago. At a music festival in Denmark they came across a food stall selling smoked meats and were so impressed by the food they were served that it stayed with them.


In 2017 over a glass of wine, they recalled the awesome festival food and decided that they had thought about it enough and should look into bringing this style of cuisine to Galway.


The first step was to educate themselves in every aspect of Texas BBQ.

This led them to Houston Texas. During their Texas BBQ trip they dedicated their time to trying out the many BBQ restaurants that Houston has to offer.

They also took a pitmaster course which educated them on every aspect of the smoking process from butchery to finishing sauces.

On return to Ireland they started to search for the perfect BBQ rig. Their research led them to Essex in the UK where they discovered a company that hand crafts quality BBQ pits that fitted their requirements exactly and they ordered their custom built trailer. During the ten week construction of the smoker, they focused on the finishing touches to their own signature blends of sauces and rubs.

They travelled to Essex and brought the rig home to Renmore in Galway in June 2018. The following few weeks they had lots of fun experimenting with the pit and getting everything just right before they took their product on the road! Family and friends were well fed!


The results speak for themselves!